Tarot  Readings



Like many people today I am fascinated with the many mystical forms of divination such as tarot cards, rune stones etc. After having received some very accurate readings from a particular tarot consultant, I was keen to learn how to use them myself, and over a period of time underwent a period of intensive training with him.  That was five years ago, and from that moment onwards, I can say that my life and approach to it has changed dramatically! 

Since then, I have been using the cards for myself in times of confusion, and also for other people when they have been faced with difficulties or confusion in their lives.



Tarot is an ancient form of divination that can help provide answers for a person when faced with difficulties in life.  It is not strictly a way of fortune telling, as we are born with the ability to make many choices in life, which can take us on one of many paths depending on the choice made.  An experienced tarot reader will be able to tell a person details of their personality even if they do not know that person.  The strong or positive points can then be discussed when looking at particular problems or situations.  In this respect it is a very good system for giving guidance when it seems there is no way out of a situation.


The earliest surviving tarot deck came from the 14th Century when an Italian nobleman had a deck painted as a present for his daughter’s marriage.  The cards were initially used as a game and can still be used as such today – in fact a regular pack of playing cards descends from the tarot.

The use of tarot cards for spiritual guidance has been with us for many centuries, although the format used today may be very different to that used by earlier civilisations.

It is in fact believed that the tarot dates back 15,000 years and has been linked to civilisations in China, the Middle East, and Egypt.  It is probable that in the early days it was only used by the select few – those who were thought to possess great power and wisdom, who could pass on spiritual teachings.  Bear in mind, back in those periods of time, only a few people would be able to read or write.  Therefore pictures and symbols were extensively used as tools for communicating to the masses.

Although they have an air of mysticism to them, they can be used by anyone – you do not have to be clairvoyant to be able to benefit from their wisdom.  However, in the 19th century, some people were put to death if found using them because it was assumed they were using certain powers which may have given the idea they were witches or in league with the devil etc.

After the 19th century, along with other forms of divination they became more widely used.  A controversial suggestion for this is the fact that established forms of religion could not answer all of their questions at this time, so they turned to more unorthodox belief systems to find these answers.



If this was as straight forward as it seems I would have come up with the lottery numbers long ago!  They may outline a time in your life where certain aspects of your life need to be observed quite closely, and warning signs acknowledged. In this respect, they will actually act as a warning system and it is down to the individual to decide whether they will heed that warning or not. 

Very little of our lives are engrained in stone, so bearing that in mind, we can shape our own destinies.  If the cards indicate something positive, then great – go with the flow and enjoy the situation!  If they indicate something less than positive, then it is down to the individual to learn from this warning, and alter their actions accordingly in order to divert themselves away from the event.

Hopefully this answer will show that the future can only be determined to a certain degree, as the cards are mainly used for a person to develop an understanding of themselves, other people, or situations around them.



I believe it will play as big a part as it does now! As we become more reliant on hardware, and information technology, the mind will still have need for spiritual awareness and expansion.  If anything, that need will become more prevalent as we become more and more detached from our true purpose as humans on this planet – our material needs MUST be balanced by spiritual needs if we are to learn from past mistakes.


Some tarot consultants will offer this service, but I feel it is important for the energy to be transferred from the person requiring the reading, onto the cards themselves.  Because of this, I prefer not to offer a postal service, as I feel the accuracy of the reading may be compromised if they are not handled by the querant.  Also, there have been many cases where telephone readings have been proved to be fraudulent where the reader is not even holding a set of cards to start with!  However, if it is not possible to visit me in person, or consult another tarot reader near to where you live, other methods can be discussed.  Please contact me as shown, where these methods can be discussed in more detail.