Crystal  healings



I first became interested in the healing power of crystals about four years ago where I saw first hand how effective they were. On this particular day, I developed a headache whilst attending a one day lecture on the subject.  Through holding certain crystals, my headache disappeared and it was through this experience I decided to learn more.  I enrolled on a two year diploma course in crystal healing within a few weeks of this experience, and qualified in October 1999. Since then I have been using them successfully on people with all types of problems, and have even found them effective on my dog!  I also incorporate other forms of vibrational healing where there is a need, and this includes the use of sound and colour.




Crystal therapy is a gentle but powerful way of treating psychological, emotional and physical ailments.

Illness and disease is caused by an imbalance in the energy field. The initial imbalance is caused by changes emotionally or mentally.  If this imbalance is not corrected, and the energy field is not restored, the body’s immune system will eventually be affected.  Crystal and gemstone energy will help harmonise the emotions and mental state and will also re-align the imbalances within the energy field, thus restoring health on all levels.


Before explaining how crystal healing works in more detail, it is best to explain how our bodies are formed on an energetic level.

We can all see the physical part of ourselves, but there is another part of us we cannot readily see – the Human Energy Field.  This area can extend around our bodies by approximately three feet, and it is in this area that any problems within us mentally or emotionally are first manifested. In addition, we have energy areas and lines within the physical body, which the Chinese have been aware of for thousands of years – it is in fact these energy lines that are tapped into when acupuncture therapy is used.

The energy from the Human Energy Field (HEF) continually flows in and out of the body through the many energy centres we have around us.  Although they cannot be seen, they resemble funnels where the flow of energy is continuous.  On a healthy person, the energy field will clear, and the centres, (known as chakras) will be open.  There are 7 main chakras which therapists use, and they are found in a line going from the crown of the head to the base of the spine. 

If there are problems in our lives that cause us difficulties emotionally or mentally, both the energy field itself and the chakras, can become distorted and in extreme cases, can malfunction entirely.  This could mean that negative energy is being taken into the body which can result in physical disease or ill health, or it could mean that insufficient energy is taken in because one or more of the chakras has closed or malfunctioned in some way.  If this is allowed to continue, (ie the cause of the initial problem has not been dealt with) the physical body will be affected also, and can show as disease or illness.

By  placing crystals on or around the body, the energy system can be corrected, so that health can be restored on all levels.  The vibrational energy of the crystals will work to remove any negativity from the energy field, both inside and outside the body, and can also re-open the chakra and repair any damage caused to it.  Once this has been done, the vibration of the crystal can then work on correcting any physical symptoms that have manifested.

However, for the treatment to be completely effective, it is down to the patient to identify what was the cause of the problem and to deal with the cause in order to prevent any re-occurrence.  Ways of doing this can be discussed with the therapist, and where possible suggestions will be given.


Initially, the therapist will want to know as much about you as possible to ensure that the correct techniques are used for you at the moment in time.  This will include details of not just your medical history, but details of your personal life too, including any childhood incidents that may still be the cause of current problems.  The patient will then be taken through a light meditation to help them relax before the healing takes place.  Only heavy outer clothing, shoes and jewellery need be removed prior to the healing. 

N.B.   Those undergoing chemotherapy or homeopathy treatment may not be suitable for crystal therapy.  It is also not suitable for those people with pacemakers due to the possibility of the frequency of the crystals being incompatible with the pacemaker.  If you feel well enough after treatment, always consult with a GP or Specialist before cutting down on medication.