Bach Flower Remedies



I qualified as a practitioner in Bach Flower remedies in 2001, and I am registered on an international register with the Bach Foundation.   As with crystal therapy, the system is a vibrational form of healing.



Bach Flower remedies are a simple but effective way of restoring health in the body by correcting the emotional and mental imbalances that have developed.  The system was first used by Dr. Edward Bach in 1928 when he first made use of three flower essences, using flowers growing wild in the Welsh countryside.  Some years earlier he had made an important link between the emotional state of mind, and physical illness, and had decided to give up orthodox medicine which he had become very disillusioned with. His belief was that orthodox medicine only treated the symptom of disease, and not the cause, and was therefore not treating the person on an individual basis. Each person presenting the same ailment would react in a different way to the situation and he believed this was the way forward – to respond to the patients way of reacting to given situations.  He already had a good grounding for the work ahead as he had already worked with homeopathy and some of his research methods are still in use today in this field of therapy.

However, from 1928, he dedicated his life to finding a natural form of healing, believing that the world of nature was a natural healer, and would provide what he was searching for.  In 1928 he found the first three flowers which were to form part of the system of 38 remedies. Initially they were prepared in a way similar to that he had used for homeopathy but he soon realised that the system could be made so much easier.  Before long he realised that the flowers in full bloom could be placed in a bowl of spring water and left in full sunshine for around four hours.  The water then absorbed the full energy of the flower and became activated with that energy. 

Over a period of 7 years, he discovered that 37 flowers had healing  properties which worked well to restore the emotional and mental balances, and thus in turn quite often restoring the body to physical health.  (The final remedy was actually  water, called rock water for the purpose of its healing potential.)  These 37 flowers when prepared using simple methods became known as the Bach Flower remedies, and are now widely used around the world, both  in the medical profession and by people preferring to work with complimentary or alternative methods of healing.  Although most flowers are prepared using the simple method described above, some of the harder tree flowers are prepared by using boiling water which does nothing to negate the healing power of the wonderful blooms.  Even this method was an improvement on the initial method he had used some years earlier.

Dr. Bach died in 1936, but before his death he declared that the system was complete, and that the 38 remedies could benefit every known state of mind or emotion.   To this day it has not been added to or amended.



As stated, they work to subtly correct any imbalance in the emotional or mental states.  The unique vibrational energies of each flower will correct the imbalance it is associated with.  For example, a  person who is by nature very impatient (always wanting things done by yesterday, impatient with people who are slower than they are etc) would benefit from the flower remedy Impatiens.  Over time, they would come to realise that we all work at a different pace, and would not react so impatiently when it happens. 

Another example would be where a person finds that they are always worrying about their family members, even though most of the time that worry will be groundless.  Red Chestnut would help them get things back into perspective, and thuds lessen the distress caused by such irrationality.  The period of time it takes for the remedies to work will depend on the individual and whether the state of mind is temporary or more a personality trait.  However, it has been shown that children in particular respond very well to this type of therapy.



If a qualified practitioner is consulted, a detailed discussion takes place to establish what needs correcting emotionally or mentally. Certainly if there are other problems mentioned, they will always be advised to consult with the relevant expert or GP relating to that problem.  However, this initial consultation can take up to an hour in order to gain a full understanding of the problems that have been highlighted.

A 30ml bottle is filled with spring water and a spoon of brandy to preserve the mixture (although this can be left out if there are reasons why alcohol cannot be taken).  2 drops of each remedy are then added to this bottle, using up to a maximum of 7 different remedies at any one time.  The person using the remedy will then be asked to take four drops from this bottle four times a day on the tongue.  Using it this frequently the bottle will last approximately 3 weeks after which they are advised to return to their practitioner to discuss any progress, other problems etc.  Other methods of taking the remedies are discussed at the time of the consultation, as sometimes taking drops in this way is not practical or applicable for the situation.



Quite often our emotions can be affected by an unexpected shock or trauma.  Five of the remedies are pre-pared in a stock bottle to help with such situations and is called the ‘rescue remedy’.  In a way, it is  natures equivalent of a first aid kit, and can help the body cope better with trauma, by stabalising the emotions. 


If you would like further information on this healing system, please contact me on the e mail address shown, or if you would like to read some of the many excellent books on the subject, please contact:

The Bach Centre,   Mount Vernon,  Sotwell, Wallingford, Oxon.  OX10 0PZ England.

Tel:  01491 834678.  If it is not possible to get to me for a consultation, they will be able to provide details of any registered practitioner in your area.